Thursday, November 26, 2009

Something someone once said.

If you haven't watched it already, watch (500) Days Of Summer. It's a romantic dramedy film said in a style like no other. And to make it more honest than others, you won't know what to expect, you wont know who to actually like. You'd be rooting for that guy to punch that other guy smack in the face. You'd be happy for that guy who's finally getting things done for himself. You're be rooting for that other guy who says something that beats the ultimate compliment. And there's also something in the way that joy is portrayed in it. Its like when you visualize things around you as ultimately and unbelievably happy when that happiness is only in you and you're merely, as said, visualizing things. Or like how you'd like things to actually be as opposed to how things actually turn out. Its harsh, its cruel, but its also true.
So, for a change to anyone who says that they like to go to the movies to see something that's not real, try it. You'd be surprised. And as an afterthought, something that someone once said..

'There's enough assholes in the world, Dr. Squires. Don't be another one.'
- Luke Shapiro/The Wackness.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Hi, hello. it's getting cold.

Hello. So. I have recently updated my computer. Finally. After months and months of pain and nagging in the form of unresponsive programs and slow operation- this software cannot be opened because the swap-file space is low/an error occured while opening this software. please restart you computer/blabla. Screw you. I now have the coolest looking pc in the world and I haven't had to change anything but the ram. Just simple upgrade to 1Gb and I have gone on a spree of downloading a hundred thousand softwares, awesome ones (yeah baby!), and using them at full beautiful speed. Oh yes, thank the Lord for technology. Plus, other things owing to my joy, no thanks to my upcoming exams, include the installation of the beautiful WindowsVista theme on my XP Service Pack2 (upgrading as we speak to Service Pack3). Read my lips, WindowsVista SUCKS. But the theme on XP is so beautiful. The Windows 7 theme can't work on mine because I need Aero, and I don't have Aero, because one needs a 64bit for Aero and I have only a 332bit (cause of much sadness. sigh).

Ok so then. I spend my days watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S. on my pc (yeah, baby). When that's not working i just sit and stare at it (because its so beautiful). Other causes of much joy do not include the onset of winter since I do not have appropriate winter clothes and my recent discovery of the fact that I am allergic to the material my pajamas are made of. I get rashes on my legs that look like giant mosquito bites which take the shape of continents after scratching. I swear, one looked like Australia yesterday. Plus, the cold leaves no room for me to practice my 'Must take a shower everytime I come back home from somewhere' routine. Seriously, doesn't anyone else have that? Thank God to geysers. I have not heard a single Katy Perry song but the photo below showed up on my Zune after I installed Microsoft Silverlight and I liked it. Apparently she has a song named I Kissed A Girl and I Liked it. I'm sure.

I can finally play FIFA10 without stoppages. Oh, happy days. The above technical terms are nothing but boasting of new terms I have learnt recently, so be happy for me. Forgive the lame expressions of joy in the brackets. I don't usually do that. The photos above are for your entertainment. The first one was made my myself. Is it not beautiful? The 2nd one made me laugh for 5minutes straight and I re-watched Pulp Fiction for the umpteenth time. I watched 2012 too. Lot of fun, but yes, The Day After Tomorrow was better, not that they're groundbreaking cinema anyways. Ooh check out trailer for Nine (watch here) by Rob Marshall. Daniel Day Lewis is one lucky talented bastard. Also, I was going through old songs and I discovered a Remix of Stayin' Alive by the Bee Gee's. Its the Teddy Bears Mix (watch here). So much fun!


Sunday, September 20, 2009


New member of family.
, the Gund.
Show him some love.

Friday, August 28, 2009


I am blogging after a long. Long. time.
I shall write shit.

I love Converse shoes. I want new Converse shoes. Maybe nice new black ones. Or green ones. Or purple ones. I want.

I hate it when I like something and I see that it's too costly for me to buy.
I love jackets. Nice ones. Jackets are very costly. I hate that.

Scarlett Johansson is so hot.
I love Pepperoni Pizza.
I love going to the movies.
I love Hypnotize by The White Stripes (click on Hypnotize to view).
I love One Tree Hill.

I hate it when that bar of soap has become small and flat and it falls on the bathroom floor and I can't pick it up because it has become flat and it's already slippery. It's horrible. I have actually destroyed the remainder of a soap trying to pick it up.

For the millionth time - I Love Doubletake, Doublethink's room.
I love my Philips GoGear although it's become very old.
I love my blue earphones.

I love the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.
I love Follow The Leader by Korn.
I hate it when I've found something nice but they don't have it in my size. That happens a lot.
I hate it that I'm too small to fit into most kinds of clothing.

I love the above photo of my legs.
I think that jeans these days suck. Most of them look so fucking chengra I feel like thrashing the people who designed them. As Rrrr. put it - They should name this section Chengra. The jeans that are good are too costly for me to buy.

Scarlett Johansson is So hot.
Bas I don't feel like writing anymore Bye.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Little thing with a nose.

Concept : Rrrr.
I drew.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Speak.. totally.

Center me. In the center of the center.
Wearing brand new black slippers on my feet, I stood there. I recalled watching something. There was a black dog standing beside me in the shade. Inches away from the rain. Like me. It kept looking up at me occasionally.
He reminded me of Seeing-Eye Bitch. That deranged bitch that jumped at the refrigerator and took a fondness for the stranger with the large spectacles and the blue eyes and the oiled hair. He collected things. He put half a boiled potato in a sample packet, because sometimes he was afraid that he'd forget. They called him Jonfen. His name was Jonathan.

And the sights and sounds of the streets were absent, replaced by the sound of the rain and the occasional car, honking as it went past. I went to buy cigarettes. And Pepsi. The shopkeeper was kind, giving me a nice box for the two cigarettes I had bought. I stood in this new shade now, bracing myself to, once again, walk into the rain. I looked down at my brand new black slippers. They had a star on either side, with arrows pointing forward. Forward I went.
Center me. In the center of the center.
A car went past drenching a passer-by, who yelled at the windows which were rolled up. Fogged up. No one cared. You got wet, passer-by? It was funny, that's all. Fuck you. Who cares. The car was coming. If you were there, beware.

Thoughts spilled out. Singing in the rain. I tried a jig. I couldn't dance. Wasn't that the point though? Dancing in the rain. I thought about people to share this with. Like that trip that boy had taken with that Irish fellow from his class. They wore black ties. On that outrageously hot day. They had taken the train to Coney Island, staring at things out the glass door with that one speck of dust on it. And they talked about things and looked at things. And, suddenly, neither of them were bothered by the heat anymore, which was killing them a moment earlier. All about being comfortable. It was a memory, sketchy. But, after thinking about it a few times, it was clear enough.

It's more a question of feeling than it is a question of fun.
Sunday morning is everyday, for all I care, and I'm not scared.
And all you people are vampires, and all your stories are stale.
Come as you are, as you were, as I want you to be.
Lets turn forever, you and me.
And no, I don't have a gun.

*Looks down at brand new black slippers. Stares at toes.*
*Wriggles toes.*

*Strikes a matchstick. Lights a cigarette.*
I stand in the center. The center of the center.
*Who needs action when you got words*

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Per se.

She said.
And I want to hear pebbles under my feet.
And I want to stand in a cave of tall trees.
And I want the sunlight to trickle in and sparkle on my face.
And I want to hear the sound of the dried leaves rustling in the silence as the wind blows.
And there would be cool shade.

And there would be a pleasant breeze.

And there would be a lake.

And there would be a road.

And it would be dark; slowly, carefully winding its way through the shade of the tall green.

And there would be nothing else.

And nothing but everything would be sound.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

A regular night in a day of my life.

Finally, after days, the mosquitos get a fresh piece of Sambit. All his attempts to ward them off fail for he is too tired and his defense is nothing compared to their relentless wave-upon-wave offensive. And before launching one last defense which converts into a mad attack, Sambit yells out a battle cry..
Come on, Come on. You think you drive me crazy.
COME ON COME ON. You and WHOSE army?

Night falls, and the war begins..

Saturday, March 14, 2009


He didn't know it. He was drunk on vodka. He lay there. He couldn't move. He didn't know it, but he took her name. She never came.
He sat. He thought. He imagined her with someone else. He foiled his own mind. It made him angry. It hurt like hell. It made him sad.
The start was good. So good. So happy. So carefree. So dreamy. So unreal. Too unreal. Too careless. Too fast. Too stupid. How could he be so stupid?

He dragged himself along the floor. There was shattered glass and alcohol all over. The strong smell of weed. The piercing sound of silence.
The floor was bathed in red.
He looked up. Everything was shiny. Everything was blue. He saw her, but she wasn't there. It wasn't fair.
Everything he thought never happened, happened. He didn't know it. They happened when he slept.
He just didn't know it.

He was sleeping.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

It's been a while.

It's been a while.
I don't feel like blogging much these days.
I started writing a few posts over the past few weeks, but I never could finish them.
I just didn't feel like it.

I'm posting now.
I can hear a car backing up.
It's making those annoying car backing up noises.
It's pissing the shit out of me.

Paranoid Android is playing on iTunes.
I've been listening to a lot of music today.
A lot.
I was listening to this same song late last night.
It reminded me of something Chris Martin had said.
He said 'I would give my left ball to write anything as good as OK Computer. I would become a eunuch just for Paranoid Android.'
He was right.

It's been a while.
I don't feel like blogging much these days.
I started writing a few posts over the past few weeks, but I never could finish them.
I just didn't feel like it.

I'm posting now.
I can hear my parents watching television in the living room.
Some bengali soap they're probably watching.
The sound of it is coming, sickly, over the sound of Pyramid Song.
It's pissing me off.

Something in the air feels sick.
The breeze outside is very damp.
It's blowing against the curtains, and creeping in.
It's disgusting.
Summer is coming.
It's actually here.
I hate the summer.
I hate it when it gets hot and sticky.
I hate it.

You and whose Army is playing.
It's a brilliant piece of music.
It's beautiful.

Photo One is Jishu and Me.
I love the edges and the light and shadow in the photo.
Photo Two is a curtain, blowing slightly with the breeze that floats in.
Photo Three is Senjuti blowing bubbles.

It's been a while.
I don't feel like blogging much these days.
I started writing a few posts over the past few weeks, but I never could finish them.
I just didn't feel like it.
Knives Out.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Up In Smoke.

Just for the heck of it.
38 in 1.

Scarlet Johansson.

Colin Farrell 1.

Christian Bale.

Cate Blanchett.

Matthew Mcconaughey.

Keira Knightley 1.

Robert Pattinson.

Daniel Craig.

Eva Green 1.

Heath Ledger 1.

Ingrid Bergman 1.

Robert Downey Jr. 1.

Leonardo Dicaprio 1.

Carla Gugino.

Orlando Bloom.

Monica Belucci.

Johnny Depp 1.

Audrey Taotou.

Colin Farrell 2.

Keira Knightley 2.

Helena Bonham Carter.

Brad Pitt.

Johnny Depp 2.

Robert Downey Jr. 2.

Ewan Mcgregor.

Eva Green 2.

Kate Winslet.

Leonardo Dicaprio 2.

Mark Wahlberg.

Heath Ledger 2.

Marlon Brando.

Humphrey Bogart.

Ingrid Bergman 2.

Jim Morrison.

Marilyn Monroe.

Syd Barrett.

Dog 1.

Dog 2.