Sunday, August 31, 2008

Erm. Week/weekend.

I'm sleepy. i have been since afternoon. Yet, I had enough energy to go and buy some stuff from this mall in the evening - my red All-Star Converse shoes got absolutely ruined because Istepped in wet mud and my left foot literally drowned in it. Some woman nearby laughed when that happened. it was dark, right on the side of the bypass. I felt like fucking killing the bitch. BITCH! My Converse shoes.

I think I did badly in my internal exams the past week. I don't know actually. I don't even know what i wrote in the exams. They were just weird. Then on Friday, after the exam, something really funny happened. It was raining heavily. Pouring. And people were getting drenched. Suddenly a bunch of my classmates grabbed hold of me and dumped me into a depression with knee-deep water. It felt heavenly. The moment they carried me out onto the roof (Yes, roof with pool-like depression.) I stopped screaming. I felt the rain pouring down on my chest; and then I drowned. Rrrr claims she just stood by and watched the people carrying my thrashing carcass-like body across the corridor and out onto the roof. My elbows got bruised. My a/v player was in my pocket then. It's acting weird now. Then we were attending the screening. It was kind of cold in the room, so I caught a bit of a cold.

Saturday, I met up wit Sry, after ages. We were wearing similar shoes, and she had this thing that I was taking photographs of her ass. I wasn't. Then there was this cool guy, wearing three-quarters, huge socks, with an iPod in his ears. Oh no, wait - Did i say cool? Right. It was fun. Kinda scary - really scary car-ride home. Her dad was driving. When she introduced me, she said, 'Sambit - Dad. Dad - Sambit.' and I said, 'Hello.. dad.' That was so stupid. Watched Rock On with three friends in the evening. Not a bad film. Going out to watch a film with people you actually like is really nice. Sometimes even bad films feel nice. Had that experience the week before. Actually someone else made the statement i just made.

Note: the photographs - Headlights (clicked on my way home. there was a lights out!), and same shoes (really difficult to click since both of us kept losing our balance).

I'm sleepy. Very sleepy. I have to eat now. I can smell good food. There's no Pepsi in the house. Damn.
Tomorrow's Monday. I hate Mondays.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Today is Sunday

I've got two exams tomorrow and i know virtually nothing. i like the subject, but i'm not in the mood to study. at all. i stayed up for the better of the night studying nothing. well, trying, but not succeeding. i woke up late. very late. and now since i don't feel like studying, i'm writing this.

I had an urge to draw something. oo ooo wait, i have a pet fish now. her name is Fish and she has the biggest cutest eyes. well, eye actually. since i haven't seen her other eye. yes, its complicated. i feel like complaining about the fact that my mother promised to make good food this afternoon but she isn't, but i'll let that pass. isa has had a productive weekend. she's now totally dry after her month's bath. she's not exactly squeaky clean though.

I'm still unfamiliar with a better part of my university campus. the mashi at my favorite canteen got pissed with me the other day for shouting for food. she kinda scolded me. indirectly. then the next day we didn't go to her canteen for food, and later she asked us why we hadn't come. she's a sweet mashi. i like her. i'll eat from her canteen on monday again.

The photograph above was taken on one of those leisurely strolls through the campus. that's one of those things which rarely happen because most of the time we're just too lazy. sitting around and burning stuff and having five star and ice tea is nice enough. i like the photograph though. we were talking, while walking. and we came up with the conclusion that we'll probably have some place in the campus left undiscovered even on the last day of our college life. i'll probably be in this university for the next five years, so that's a lot of time. we'll probably walk into unchartered territory on that final day and realize :

'ah. we've never been here before. imagine. five years, and we never knew this place existed. and it's right beside that place where we used to sit around and burn stuff and have five star and ice tea. ah.'

well, we're getting around to know the campus.
bit by baby-step bit.