Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Just stuff; because I can't think of a better, shorter name for this post.

It's approximately 12.13am. i've got a glass of chilled pepsi in front of me. i'm listening to free bird by lynyrd skynyrd. i've been listening to it for the past three-quarters of an hour. over and over again. it's the live version. it's 14minutes long anyways. enjoy the video here. the little picture above is a cute-emo. i'm sure you've seen stuff like that before. they're just too cute to ignore.
:) :)

well, owe this meaningless post to the weather. it's chilly. the rain's stopped, but the bone-chilling wind's still there. i hate the weather we've been having for the past three days. it's soggy, and it's dark, and it's depressing. i couldn't go out of my house for the last two days. finally when there was some sunshine today, i put on my brand new shoes (very nice song by paulo nutini. check it out here) and i went out and had phuchka and a chicken roll, and mishti. it was so damn worth it, because as soon as i got home, the weather fucking changed back to dark and depressing again!

my mother is crawling up my back telling me to get a haircut.
'piku, jao chul kete esho.'
'piku, chul kete esho noeto tomake kichhu'r jonye taka debona.'
'piku, chul kete esho noeto tomae kothao jete debona.'
'piku, jao chul kete esho.'
you get the picture, right? but the thing is.. i don't want to cut my hair. it's actually long enough to tie at the back now. but i don't do that. it feels weird.

yesterday, i fell in love with the way liverpool played against chelsea. they won 1-0, and although the goal wasn't that good a goal, they deserved to win. so much for manchester united. i wonder what's wrong with them. defender rio ferdinand actually looked like he had been run over by a car and thrown onto the football field the other day. after 60-odd minutes into the game, he looked exactly like it. i swear. i love football. i love all the teams, and all the players. they just make everything so entertaining. i love football.

it's diwali week. tomorrow's kali pujo. i haven't enjoyed kali pujo or diwali for a couple of years now. earlier, when i was littel-er, my cousin sister and i used to burst crackers together, and it was great fun. then, suddenly, it just stopped. and i haven't burst crackers since. tomorrow i'll probably be going over to a friend's place for lunch and all. i don't know. the plan might get cancelled. i hope it doesn't get canceled. i don't want it to get canceled. i want everyone who's supposed to come to come, so that the plan doesn't get canceled.

i've been rambling enough.
photo two is lynyrd skynyrd live in concert. just because i like them.
photo three is another cute-emo. it's cute. there, i said it. think whatever. see if i care.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

From and Inspired by..

Well, this is going to be a film post. I know I have another blog set aside for films, but this isn't a review, so it's appropriate that I post this here.

I've been obsessed with Spiderman 2 for the past couple of days. This is the second time. The first time was, well, when the first posters and promos came out in late 2003. Then the soundtrack came out. Here I must admit something. I'm a cheapskate when it comes to buying music cd's and all, but this album I bought. It cost me some 300 odd rupees. That is very very expensive for me. And also you must keep in mind that most of the artists who had songs in this album I had almost never heard of before. The most significant mention on the album cover was Music from and inspired by the film Spiderman 2. Now, understand this - The songs in this album are either played during the film at some time or the other; or the songs are directly related to the film, which means that the songs were written especially for the film and what the film portrays. Advanced screenings were given to selected artists in order to come up with original compositions for the film.

All of that, and Voila, you get the Original Soundtrack for Spiderman! The end result is mind-blowing. The OST features the talents of Dashboard Confessional, Train, Hoobastank, Jet, Yellowcard, Maroon 5, Taking Back Sunday, Midtown, lostprophets, Smile empty Soul, The Ataris, Switchfoot, Ana, Jimmy Gnecco, Danny Elfman, She Spider, and Strings (yes, Sony, Columbia Pictures, Marvel, and Sam Raimi himself decided to include Na Jaane Kyun in the album).

Speaking of the film; I must state first that it is my favorite among the three Spiderman films (damn, i hope they make a few more of them!). Alfred Molina is a-natural in this film. I thought Willem Dafoe's casting as Norman Osborn was as close to perfect as they would get in the Spiderman films. Boy, was I wrong! Otto Octavius was perfect. More perfect than the perfectest perfect. The film itself was amazing. Everything about it was great. The action sequences (which HAD to be perfect to match up to the one's in its predecessor) were out of this world. Right from Octavius' accident and havoc caused by his metallic arms; to the train sequence to the closing show-off. Wow. Special mention for James Franco as Harry Osborn (how could you kill him in just the third film, Mr. Raimi? sigh).

Enough said. Pictures one and two are wallpapers of the film. The second one is pretty rare. The third picture is of Dashboard Confessional. It's just a really good photograph. The first song of the album is Vindicated by Dashboard Confessional. They're lead singer and guitarist Chris Carrabba wrote the song in fifteen minutes after a special screening of the film. Remember, all the tracks in the album are something entirely different. If you love music, you will love them. Straight from the unlike-Maroon 5 track called Woman, to Switchfoot's hot guitaring in Meant To Live, to the awesome violin solo in Yellowcard's Gifts and Curses. If you can find this album in the market, buy it. It comes with a booklet with stills from the film and a bonus vcd with trailers and interviews. You'll thank yourself.

I'm anything but ordinary - Ordinary, by Train.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sickness. and other things..

Well, that's my birdday cake. it's heavenly. my friends couldn't have any because i forgot to serve it after dinner. honest. i forgot. i had lots and lots of pepsi and chocolate ice cream after midnight yesterday, and today, after almost two years, i have fever. and i shouldn't really be sitting in front of the pc and posting on my blog (or just sitting in front of it either), but i feel like it. so, there.

today is lokhhi pujo. i slept while my mother did the pujo. i slept for five hours. ALL damn afternoon. then i woke up and lazed around, and i read the book which Rrrr gave me for my birdday. damn, it's good. freaky. honest. and freaky.damn honest. and damn freaky. i already read around hundred pages of it. i couldn't eat after that. it's freaky. very very freaky.

i have these phases. they come and go. i'm sure it happens to everyone. you know, when suddenly you get hooked on to something. a book. a film. a song. etc etc. well, for the third time in my life, i'm having my ac/dc phase. rather, back in black phase. i can't stop listening to the album. over and over again. over and over again. over and over again. over and.. well, you get the picture. and one more song.. hard as a rock! that's from their 1995 album, ballbreaker. hot song. really hot song!

this be the original video -

now, for some photographs :

photo one : that be jishus. he suffers from ocd. he can't have food which has been had by others. damn, i can't find the english word for it (it'll come to me). it's called ettho in bengali. well, he wouldn't have the cake because he thought that Rrrr had ettho-fied it, which she hadn't. me and soham forced him to have some. this is what he looked like after i had shoved a handful of cake into his mouth. yes, freaky. i know.

photo two : this is the photograph of the evening. Pip the drunk looking bear. he is drunk, rather. chiquita gave him to me for my birthday. Rrrr righfully declared that he was drunk. and i named him Pip (to various objections of chiqui which i refuse to elaborate here). well, i placed him next to Rrrr as she was having fun with her phone, and i clicked this. it just looks too the funny, i'm sorry. it looks too funny. looook at pip.

photo three: just a drawing i drew on my wall. think whatever you want.