Sunday, July 13, 2008

Cartoons I grew up with..

It's sad that these days they dont show any of d good cartoons of the old days. even if they do, its in hindi! growing up, i watched a lotta stuff.. and they were all sooo goood.. i just spent a better part of my day digging up some videos on youtube...

these were some of my favorites :

dexter's lab
courage the cowardly dog
two stupid dogs
samurai jack
(now they got shit like 'chuddie buddie' playing on prime time. yes, chuddie means underwear. shit!!)

take some time out n watch some of the videos here....... you're bound to enjoy em...... they bring back memories [:)][:)].....

'stupid dog, ya made me look bad... ooga-booga-booga!!!'

'aww in't that cuute??? but it's wrooooooooooooooong!!!!!'

'this intro is soooo damn hot!!!"


samurai jack was singlehandedly one of THE BEST cartoons i have ever seeen..... they should be making a film on it.

"whadu i do??? whadu i do????????"

eat your heart out 'chuddie buddie'!!!

note: click on play twice to make d videos work!


Thursday, July 10, 2008


Cat ~ thingy.

I drew it.


I was bored.

Ya ya, shut up.