Monday, September 8, 2008

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Need a gun..

I need a gun to keep myself from harm.
the poor people are burning in the sun.

if u asked me why exactly i liked Gorillaz, i wouldn't be able to tell you. not exactly at least. i think i always liked the band and the members more than their songs. then again, i love the songs. i spent 2hours sitting in starmark one day reading a Gorillaz encyclopedia. i forgot most of the things i read in it because, well, there was way too much written in it. plus, i was paying too much attention to the colorful photos.

from left to right : murdoc niccals (the bassist), russel hobbs (the drummer), noodle (with guitar), 2D (the lead singer).

they ain't got a chance.
they ain't got a chance.
i need a gun, coz all i do is dance.
coz all i do.. is dance..

note :
photo of gun; my own.
lyrics - dirty harry by gorillaz.